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Account Based Marketing

Our Account Based Marketing Program provides a vital strategy for companies that want to create sustainable growth.

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Data Append & Cleansing

Data cleansing is an essential element to maintain database hygiene and get maximum ROI from your marketing.

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Appointment Generation

When starting an Appointment Setting Program, we help you carefully select the criterion that defines your requirement.

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Account Profilling

Our account profiling services can reveal your best opportunities, as well as secrets that provide a competitive advantage

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Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is the process B2B marketers use to build relationships with these prospects – even when they’re not yet ready to buy

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Contact Discovery

Get easy access to updated information of target companies from us and drive responsive campaigns to reap high profits.

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Digital Marketing

Delivering Value Scientifically

The entire digital transformation process is multi-faceted. With our industry exposure and expertise, we help our clients boost their digital transformation endeavor head and shoulders above their competitors.


Taking cognizance of today’s business mantra—do more with less—Lorac engages with clients to re-envision existing systems or design new ones to maximize operational efficiency. Under the purview of Customer Experience Management,


Lorac Media enables its clients to provide cohesive and valuable customer engagements, thereby enhancing consumer experience at every touch point.


Excellent Support

In an industry where quality, and consistency are the key to survival, Lorac Media is driven by a mission to deliver above and beyond the industry values and customer expectations.

Ex-Lorac Media's Atmosphere

An environment of transparency, data-driven, structured approach, and value for talent is responsible for bringing former lorac back thus ensuring long-term employee.

The Lorac Media mantra

The Lorac Media mantra reiterates the ethics of an open-door policy, ease of access to seniors, strong mutual encouragement and support, and complete freedom of speech and feedback.