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Lead Generation

Multi-Channel Lead Generation

Delivering Value Scientifically

Lorac Media provides high quality leads for a wide spectrum of products and services. We will work with your sales team to analyze leads and ensure greater market penetration.


Leads are important business prospects that can be converted into profitable sales revenue. Therefore, effective lead generation plays a vital role in business growth and profits.


We deliver tremendous value to clients; providing endless lists of potential customers is just not enough. Our experienced lead management program helps your sales team get right down to business by classifying leads according to potential and providing detailed information on the prospect background.


Our Apporach

It is important that you have a Digital strategy. So, here's a walkthrough to creating a Digital Marketing strategy.

Business Phone

Reaching out to prospects with a personal touch.

Email Marketing

High volumes of quality newsletter subscriptions.

Display Advertising

Express your products & services through images.

Search Advertising

Place your advertisements to enquiring customers.

Video Advertising

Video advertising encompasses online display advertisements.

Social Advertising

Get leads from endless social media. Tap into their